I am

by no means a photographer.

My scores say I am not a writer either.

I am just another confused teenager, who is taking a year off between High School and College to get her mind straight.

The issue: Too many distractions, too many opportunities.

I love to travel. I love to learn. I love to love.

I’m a painter without a canvas, a boat without a sail.

Can you see where the confusion lies; I lack inspiration and passion.

I am on my own personal road to discovery. I’ve never been much of a journalist, but on this blog I will try, with all my heart and soul, and God’s grace on Earth to post something beautiful or something to think about at least once a day.

My goal: to grow and discover, find and keep, to lose and stay strong.

There are no dates on my blog – at least not to me. There are only days. The days are numbered. Each post is another day. Each day brings me closer and closer to being a College student, to being a human being.


Things to remember on day 1: Women’s Olympic (London 2012) Soccer Gold medal match. USA vs. Japan. Recap.

Sims 3 is running in the background.

Mom is ironing clothes behind me.

Tobi is on my lap – that seems to be his favorite place in the house.

Kiki is sleeping on her side to the left of me. On the cold, cold ground.

Dad has left to go South (RoK) wearing a uniform and working tireless nights.

Sister is home in LA, where her current home is. Where it is muggy, warm, and she can tan while walking to school.

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