That was the product of possibly about three hours of work.

I went to the store today (I ran there actually, crashing into about fifteen people with my twenty-pound backpack and getting yelled at by strangers). I almost lost my recipe while doing so.

A comment: I am very excitable.

It’s Julia Childs 100th birthday and what better way to celebrate it personally by cooking a recipe. Being a young, inexperienced cook, whose parents are semi professional chefs. I called my mother and asked:

“Can I surprise you at dinner?” as I’m darting through the store trying to find everything, getting lost, asking for directions, trying to discover what the difference between a red onion and a white onion is. (It’s more maroon than red).

“Be my guest.”

I’ve had a few experiences with the stove and the oven. I’ve made my own spaghetti sauces based off of the machinations of yours truly. Granted I was the only one who ever ate them. And I had never tried French cooking before. I never wanted to because it made me miss home.

A comment: I have three homes. Home home home, which is what is my real home. Home home, where I am now. And home, where I grew up.

So here I was, with two large red onions sitting in front of me, a knife in my hand, a cutting board and I had to figure out how I was going to make the meal in less than two hours.

Two hours passed and my mother came home. There was no smell in the kitchen; I was still cooking onions.

Three hours, the quiche came out of the oven. Three times. My temperature was off (I have a dial oven and there are no numbers, being technology inept it was pretty much a guessing game).

So I set the table, sat down with my mother, prayed, talked and I nearly died.

The quiche was wonderful. It was delicious. It was perfect.

I can’t remember the quote from


when the blue rat Remy put both cheese and a strawberry in his mouth. But it was just that.

I thought I heard Angels singing sweet hymns of glory.

“To get to any mans heart, you must go through their stomach.”

    The Princess and the Frog

Things to remember day 2:

-woke up singing.
-made a taxi driver angry
-sang walking to work
-made friends
-worked out with an older woman who is very fit.
-sang in the shower
-Julia Childs birthday
-Tobi and Kiki came back from their walk begging for Peanut Butter
-Mom’s face when she ate the quiche
-telling dad how amazing the quiche was (mom backed me up)
-sister is still adjusting to her home home.

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