The Essentials

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” – Saint Antoine d’Exupery.

I accidentally forgot to post last night because in my boring life there has to be some spark of drama; that was last night. After spending the entire day arguing why I should have more responsibility I was finally given it – with a price.

So I used whatever money I saved up to buy myself a nice sweet camera.



It’s not the best camera, or the best quality but it’s better than nothing. Perhaps now I can post things onto my blog and make it more readable and entertaining.


And as I told my friends:

I wonder if “you are what brand of camera you buy?” I just bought a Sony blogger’s camera for blogging, it’s small, light blue, and shaped differently than all of the other cameras. It can fall on the ground and into the water as well.

Basically: I’m small, my favorite color is blue, I’m different, and I fall down a lot.

It’s a cute little thing and it’ll do what I want. ❤

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