As custom with a lifestyle my parents willingly chose, I had to say goodbye to an old friend and welcome a new. This friend here is gorgeous, funny, sweet, kind, modest, stubborn, and underconfident. I will miss her so because she is younger than me and has so much potential to grow and experience the world far from my own personal boundaries. I wonder if she is reading this.












One of the many pictures taken during the session. This is of me and I am glad my eyes are closed to protect my identity.

I am trying to keep this as personal and impersonal as possible ( I understand this is an oxymoron) but my goal for this blog is after 365 days and I enter my first year of college I will open up and let people know my name, know who I am, what I look like, and more detail of my life. At current because I’m captured in a prism (my prism being my uncertainty of the future) I will keep all identities covered as much as possible. To the extent that every person featured on this blog will have to be asked personally if I could use their photograph and obscure it in some way shape or form. I am trying to make this so that I am a reader just like you.

In any event we talked, we laughed we cried, we dove, we sank, we swam. We walked away with heavy hearts and beautiful smiles on our faces, knowing that everything happens for a reason and love is in the air. We are golden, we are unafraid and we know, better than anyone, that goodbye only means see you later.

Love and luck beautiful. You’ll grow up and be magnificent!


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