So today I woke up and made myself a protein-filled breakfast before I trotted off to the 30 minute walk leading to my Zumba class on the other side of home home. Once there I proceeded to make a mockery of myself and the entire realm of dancing as the stick bobbing up and down on the river current once again attempted Zumba. I believe I could hear young children crying as I attempted to dance with so much fervor and energy, but with the wrong feet and off the beat.


I smile when I feel stupid.


I smiled the entire time, but it was a mixture of wonder, happiness, stupidity and embarrassment. For the child who was once beat deaf, she was able to keep somewhat of a horrid beat throughout the whole fiasco. I feel as if I understand music a little bit more. (I was blessed with a singing voice that should only be heard inside the shower, preferably with ear plugs. Some people say otherwise, but I think they’re being nice).


I do Zumba because it’s fun and to help me and my pathetic beats. I do Zumba because it warms me up greatly for my impromptu workout sessions. This, and next week it’s running so I can keep up with the group who has so patiently waited for me to improve my cardio. Eight miles done and I need to be timed tomorrow for weaknesses and to see whether or not I’m just bad at running or I have no idea how to run.


In any case after a long eventful day (I met up with some friends and all of the stores decided to close themselves), I came home to this beautiful thing below:




She decided my bed looked like food and I guess she wanted to share with me.

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