The creator

Today I mustered all my confidence and told my aching shoulder and my throbbing, swelling ankles to behave while I went to Zumba again. Today was high intensity and my ankles are trying to tell me: ” I told you so.” and thankfully pushed most of the pain from my shoulders to that location.

I’ve never felt so good about dancing, let alone Zumba.

In any case I was in such high spirits I went to the store and bought myself yarn and crocheting needles. As I was once told:

there are two kinds of people in the world; the knitters and the crocheters

Ever the rebel, I decided to stash my needles for hooks and for the past five hours attempted to get a chain of 52 going and crocheting in the round. I think I’ll stick to knitting after this project. 🙂

I would have taken pictures but as much as I like making my own scarves and hats I get impatient and frustrated when they are no perfect. So no picture until the end. (and even that’s an iffy clause).

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