I vaguely remember mentioning that I’m an acrylic painter who never paints because I’m always busy or uninspired.

If I didn’t, this is news!


In any case, in another bout of teenage angst and competiveness as I saw another teenager a year younger than me finally surpass me in skills, my competitive self came out and suddenly I was surrounded by my arsenal of paints, papers, waters, and colors.

In the midst of the madness I produced the following product:












Unfortunately I refuse to show the rest of the picture because it is an extreme mess. At least in my opinion. Not bad for my first “REAL” attempt with watercolor.


In any case as with all things practice makes perfect and I intend to be adequate so I have time to learn new things before I grow up and have even less time.

2 thoughts on “watercolor

  1. There is a certain shelfishness in stating that you have made art that you wont share. Think about it… what do you fear? I’m willing to bet that your are better than you let yourself know.

    • memoricprism says:

      I fear the fact that art encompasses the true self, and that I’m so restrained that I can’t truly “let myself go and live with the color choices”. It’s part of the reason why I’m more of an acrylic painter because I can cover up the mistakes in a layer of guilt over watercolors, where mistakes become the new definition.

      I probably will eventually post it. I just need to have time to kind of reflect the fact that I used brown, red, blue, and green in specific parts of a painting and it looks okay. It’s just me being self conscious. (which, along with my assertiveness and lack of confidence, needs to be worked on).

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