Behind the name

A lot of my friends have asked me personally about how I came about the name “memoricprism”. It has it’s branches from 2009 and the following:

Jaisen hung the crystals in a scrambled order so that the reflections sparkled all throughout the realm. The memories trapped inside them were prisms; only fitting where the memory would be placed in the blindfolded individual. The wrong crystal, or prism, could result in false impressions and a false memory would be made.

Jaisen knew it was wrong, but these were his orders. He untied the blindfold covering the eyes of the man he would later try to save and told him:

“we call this your memoric prism. Your memories are stored in a few of these crystals. Find the wrong one and your memories will be even more scattered than before. Good luck.”

The idea is still there in my story, it has been reworked to make it seem more logical and make more sense, but I still need the motivation to write it. I used the name in my case because I needed my memories, I needed a prism that changed colors every time I read my own words (basically trying to see all sides of a specific event) so that I could understand myself and my goals slightly better than before.

Each post could be considered a prism. Another memory locked in with special details to let me remember and reflect.

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