I am defined by limits and false expectations, broken into bones, fingers, ideas, words, and phrases.

Today I woke up to an hour-long interview about my faith, how I got to it, and how I view it.

I’ve never had to assert my opinion before and this was strange because she believed my opinion was wrong but casually diverted the subject so that she could prove her side of the story. It was incredible, but at the same time riveting because I could only detect it by my rising frustration throughout the conversation and realized that very subtly, not aggressively as I’m used to (and silently submitting to the aggressors views out of fear) she was able to show me her view. Granted, I still don’t see it. BUT you can be assertive and be sly about it.


I’ve never been an assertive person, I’ve never been very confident or sure of myself. But to have that amount of power and clarity based upon your opinion is an amazing aspect and something I know I could learn and definitely use.

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