When I started this blog, two weeks ago, I’ve kind of been tracking my progress and changes. There’s a lot less anger, a lot less anxiety, and more discovery. I feel as if I’m a child again, rediscovering my potential, what I ought to know and what I didn’t know. Even though I just write small things about my day, taking great care to watch the details of the event I’m writing about so that I can reflect the best.

I’ve been watching

    Mona Lisa Smile


    Dead Poets Society

and both movies made me cry. Generally I’m not much of a crying type, but it makes me realize how much of a sheltered life I’ve lived – sheltered in that I let my parents run my life and I offer little or no say to any of it. As an artist, I should have let my wings spread a little bit more but unfortunately, I’ve even passed my restrictions, and my attempts to please and get onto everybody’s good side into my arts, where interpretation is free.

I hope I get good professors in community college. I really do. I want to be inspired by people who exist only in books and name.

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