I love clean things, I love new things. I hate cleaning personally. I understand this is an oxymoron. I’m called “the lazy hummingbird” for a reason.

For the past four hours (straight? heavens no!) I’ve managed to clean the entire house for my dad’s coming home home from the south (as stated before: home home home is where I’m from, home home is where I live, and home is where I grew up. This will all be clarified when I’ve completed my year of somewhat “mystery”). It looks wonderful.

I would say I’m going to keep it like this but I’ve lived in this body for eighteen years and I know that this body would prefer a bucket of Oreos dipped in milk over doing chores, working out, and anything else that involves activity.

It does feel good though. Living in a clean home. I wish I had the habits to keep it like this forever.

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