I woke up the other day and decided that I would get lost about home home. I packed my items and walked about home home, setting a route. In fact I set such a good route that halfway there I accidentally got on the wrong train and recognized this as such a fortuitous event I would just quite literally “roll with it” and went about the city with an essence of discovery.

So, naturally I traipsed about the train stations, aimlessly being pushed around by the crowd and ending up in a large empty park and having no direction to go.

I followed the sun.

And I ended up watching a man climb up this large building. A group of spectators sat on the ground staring at the man wishing him luck. I walked about the building and ended up in the grand opening of some large mall. Intrigued (and knowing that I had no money), I walked inside only to be bombarded with questions about where I was from.

I’m a foreigner that lives in home home.

“How did you hear about this place?”

“I got lost.” literally.

I ended up tracking quite a bit of attention before I realized I should really get on with my adventure.

I found myself in the middle of a manmade river with children running about me, throwing water at each other and their parents silently eating their food near their tents and watching their children from a distance. I sat myself next to the river and dropped my aching feet in. The cool water overwhelmed me and I felt as if I were in heaven.

I also managed to drop my shoes in there as well. I waited for them to dry before I trekked back to where ever I came from.

When I walked back I found myself reaching over a bridge, trying to touch the wind. It was wonderful.

Getting lost is something every person should do once in a while.

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