A few weeks ago, I’m very sure about a week before I started this blog, I received a phone call:

A long pause on the other line, I recognize this voice. I don’t hang up.
“who is this?”
“Hey, okay so Luna Lovegood is memoric! Long story short, my girlfriend changed all of my contacts to Harry Potter characters while I was gone. You’re Luna Lovegood.”

Insert a long bout of uncontrollably laughter here and a sigh of exasperation on the other side.

“You know I can see it now, you’re pretty much a Luna incarnation.”

I need to make it clear at this point, I walk around the city barefoot and wear different clothes, even my manner of speaking is odd.

“How can I? On Pottermore I’m a hufflepuff.”

I hear something fall in the background and I hear laughter. My pottermore addiction is out.

“You and my girlfriend… Strange girls.”
“Hey, you hang out with us!”
“Okay you got me.”

Laughter on both sides of the phone. And I wonder why people think we’re dating all the time, we’re so similar in personality.

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