I woke up this morning (at 4:30, mind you,) again and realized that instead of donning the uniform for me to wear at 6:00 in the morning my body needed sleep. It even told me that in my dreams. When the man who lives down the street texts me an hour later I (rage. No, I actually don’t but I’m flustered that I cannot go back to sleep again) sit up in wide-eyed stupor with my dogs huddled around my body (the little one has found sleeping with his butt in my face and farting is a good sleeping position – such a charmer) and proceeding to read a horrible book that because of my inclination towards books I cannot seem to put down.

I still have no idea what’s wrong with my camera – it’s brand new, but it’s not like I haven’t tried fixing it. I COULD be looking at it now, but instead I want to read. (I SHOULD be looking at it now, but I think my focus is on the book and finishing the thing so I do not have to live in torture forever more by my subconscious).

In the meantime something happened once again at home, home and I realize that I’m an adult now, too long are the days I’ve been moping and trying to avoid responsibility and having to grow up and take over my life. My destiny has caught up to me in its own form (going to be mentioned later when it’s finalized) and suddenly the world seems open and right again.

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