Sixteen hour days

With community college opening their doors to me I’ve not found a lot of time to really reflect and think. I now volunteer with an amazing fifth grade teacher after I wake up at 4:30 to go running at 6:00 until 7:00 and take showers in a public bathroom to change and then run off find a nice secluded place for breakfast, to relax and to meditate for the rest of my sixteen hour day. I honestly do not know how I managed a twelve hour day before, it seems so simple and I had so much time to myself back then. But in any case, here I am, four hours into the sixteen hour day and reading my textbooks in the privacy of a concession stand table while people stare at me as they walk past.

8:30 I burst into the teachers classroom, occupying myself with books and papers, grading them, running about the school for staplers and many other things.

11:30 I find myself in the same concession stand, eating lunch (they must hate me because I use their concession stand to check my grades, read, and go on Facebook, which happily to me, I have less time to go on now) that I packed and then going off to the library to study (sleep!) some more.

2:30 I walk back home, am greeted by my dogs, dismayed my camera is being capricious (I need to figure out what’s wrong with it) and take a two hour nap.

5:00 walk to class.

6:00 class begins

9:30 class lets out. Walk home.

10:00 shower and bed.

Repeat all the next day. Will I manage, who knows?

(in the meantime I happen to find a passion throughout all of this: teaching and learning. Possible career choice? I’ve no clue!)

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