Nap Time

One of the benefits for running on seven hours of sleep and a consistent sixteen-hour non-stop day is that nap time is important and regardless where you are or how much you get, it benefits in the long run.

Today my schedule threw me across home home and I ran about trying to find my pace until eventually my father gave me a twenty-five pound bag of rice to give to the church. He drove me there and once there, testing all of the doors (which were all locked) I slumped on the waiting couch to confession, large black backpack with college textbooks uncomfortably behind me, my drool falling on my sleeve and the twenty-five pound bag of rice nestled perfectly on my lap.

When the priest saw me he laughed and I kind of wanted him to take a picture to share with you, as I felt uncomfortable but strangely rested. People have been mentioning if I had a growth spurt. I think it’s some newfound confidence and comfort in being myself, but we’ll never know. 🙂



My two dogs, being the sweethearts they are.

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