Today I woke up to an email from thejennymacblog recommending me to participate in a blogging award. Unfortunately I have to decline because I have to do extraneous work for the award and I’d rather it be given to me. (what can I say, I’m lazy).

Thank you though, I’ve not been blogging for even a month and to be considered for anything. That makes me pleased.

In any case, I spent my morning with the fifth grade class again, this time though I was able to tutor a child. So I took the child into the hallway, scared and confused. Math isn’t really my strong point but I was instructed to help said child. So I sat him down and drew a problem:

“If I solve it, it will be negative.”
I looked again. Immediately I saw what the problem was. I tackled it within the first ten minutes and within fifteen he was an expert.

Just watching him go from tears to pure pride and happiness. As if he could take on the world made me long to hug him and congratulate him. I smiled at him and he beamed as he ran back into the classroom.

“Teacher! Teacher! I get it now!”

And his page filled with notes of the extra assignment she wanted him to do for homework – all tidy, all neat, all completed.

“Oh my God, thank you memoric.”

I smiled and walked home. (I leave at lunchtime everyday).

I called my dad and explained to him what happened.

“Memoric, maybe you’re not as bad at math as you say. Maybe you want to be a teacher.”

For a quick moment, I imagined myself in front of a chalkboard, becoming the inspiring teacher that I’ve always wanted to meet.

“We’ll see dad,”

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