A day in the life of memoric

0430 groggily get up (insert dog licking face religiously

0530 run down the hill to meet with person who drives me in

0600 work out

0700 shower (public bathroom or private)

0730 Omnomnom (to the known world: eating)

0800 Omnomnom

0830 volunteer at little fifth-grade angel class

1100 Omnomnom

1200 Omnomnom

1300 Homework

1430 run to class

1501 late to class (take walk of shame)

1800 library time (homework)!

1900 dinner

2000 homework facebook

2130 shower

2200 bed

repeat 5x a week

On a side note I would like to share with you a few snippets of my very capricious camera’s doing:


One of the lovely pictures is my browsing about the store where I bought a very belated birthday present for a friend and how cute the little store / cafe is. They even spoke to me in Japanese!

The other picture is my notetaking skills. My atrocious handwriting and ridiculous amount of sticky notes. (There’s one on every page)!

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