Sweat and love

I found myself cheerleading again. Something I promised myself I’d never do and I screamed the names of my friends and danced those dances in support.

I never intended to be here I ever intended to live my fictional hole, but alas I was and I was screaming the loudest.

When the feet crossed the finish line, sweat dripping down all crevices of the body, I ran to all of them, smiling, heart pounding. I hadn’t seen any of them in so long.

I hadn’t seen them in months. All of my friends, they had grown up and worried about me. I was wrapped in the smells of sweat, the drip of it running down my body as well. When another one saw me they grabbed me as well. Soon we were six, little memoric in the middle. Smiling, while trying to hold her breath.

When they let go and Memoric had some fresh air. She connected eyes with a particularly young-looking boy who had grown. He was tired, he was exhausted, angry, his run went badly. He drank some water as I patted his back and he looked at me, smiled that smile that makes me blush even though he’s three years younger and wrapped me up in a big hug.

“I don’t care about how badly I did, the coaches will. You’re here, you’re out of the house. You came.”

I tugged his ears and smiled.

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