“I think I’ve been here before; it must have been years or more”

Kimbra “Sally I can see you”

I’ve started a new set of community college classes and both of them required me to talk in public. I’ve written about how I can’t even say things in front of children and whatnot, and I think how my shyness controls me. A friend of mine has been talking extensively as to how I should assert myself, but it just seems impossible.

One of my teachers came up to me today and asked what topics I wanted to look deeper into. It’s a psychology class and one of the topics I chose was shyness.

“Mem, are you shy?”

I nod my head.

“But you can say a lot and be loud when you want to.”

“Yes, but that’s just because I only say something when I know what I’m talking about.”

“I understand, I’m the same way, but I also like teaching. It’s hard sometimes.”

I smile and she walks away and I just can’t get the lyrics from Kimbra’s song out of my head:

“I think I’ve have been here before;
It must have been years or more.
Like the first day I got off of the plane,
No one cared to know of my name.
I think I’ve been here.

Sally I can see you,
I’m not the girl that I used to be.
I’ve grown out of my own muse,
But my heart hasn’t changed.”

But they did care of my name, they have noticed me.

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