An interview

In one of my lackadaisical days, I was late to everything today. I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling motivated today. So after completely missing an appointment I called a friend about a concern I had, and somehow we walked past each other as we walked down the street.

We both walked backwards for a bit and greeted each other.

We walked down the street, down to the market and just talked. We talked so much a group of college students, three girls and four boys came up to us with video cameras and wanted an interview. We agreed.

So after my friend hit on one of the boys, we left, I was feeling a bit embarrassed, because truthfully I felt the same way, but would have never said it out loud. She did not give or get a number. We continued to talk and ate at a wonderful restaurant:


This is a yummy quiche. (If it wasn’t obvious, I adore quiches).

We talked about my unhealthy obsession with Kimbra, life itself and we parted with open arms, the wind pushing my back, telling me to go home.

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