A message

One of my friends sent me this:

“mem, I need your help. How did you manage to convince your parents to let you ______?”

It’s been a long time since somebody’s asked me for my help, so I gave it to him. He was shocked when the simplest answer was what he needed.

“how do I tell my parents?”

He’s irreligious, so I chose a safe answer:

“You do or you don’t. If your parents love and support you, it doesn’t matter, even if it’ll hurt for a while.”

He logged off and thought over it a bit. I was pleased with myself and him as well, he’s never been shy of questions, or humility, but the fact that he wanted to do something that he knew the answer too but needed advice from an older person, who everybody seems to think of as a liar and a failure because she decided not to go to college.

He has no idea what this means to me.

3 thoughts on “A message

  1. paulokevin says:

    i love your post. it is true. Parents would accept their child’s decision in life even this might hurt them. They cannot force you into something that you do not want but always remember that you should also give your sentiment for not doing such, you know, they deserved to be informed .. so that they could asses you and stuff. Communication is very essential in every family. Sadly, communication between children and parents is severely forgotten or not taken care of. You know what, this is the reason why there are teenagers eloping and leaving their houses; why there are people committing suicide… because they lack of Communication! they lack of a heat-to-heart talk with their parents. and they lack of words to listen to. …

    (LOL. i am so sorry for my sentiments here, well, it only means i like your post because it made me realize a thing.. thank you!)


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