I have just made friends with a few classmates in one of my classes and the first thing one of them says to me is: “would you like to meet my three-year-old?”

Three’s a bit old for me when it comes to babies, but wanting to keep a friendship, I join her and a friend (who I recently found out will be flying to Basic Training with me. Same time same place. what luck!) and we meet the little darling.

As with all children she plays shy and only wants the attention of her mother. Then she hides behind my chair tapping it screaming: “I no see you!” I shift to the left of my seat to catch a glimpse of the child. Then to the right and she outright tickles me.

“She’s not as shy as she wants to seem.”
“Seems like you’ve got a thing with children mem?”
“She’s beautiful, looks just like you.”

The little girl buries her face in her mothers jacket and demands that she carry her, the mother does and the girl waves a small goodbye to my friend and I while the mother carries her back to her grandmother, where she and her mother stay with now.

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