a continuation of a work in progress, I’ve nothing truly to write today.

The Jide and the Kripd rode back into the snowing city with the thin boy with the blue eyes sitting between them. The silence was accompanied by the whirring of wheels and crushing of snow underneath. The drivers talked amongst themselves and the Jide sat in silent expectation, wondering what he would say not that he was “infected”.
“Kripd, do you ever want to go home?” The Jide asked softly, the Kripd woke up from his light slumber and sighed softly.
“Everyday, but everyday I remember my home has disappeared into the dark rubble. How about you Jide?”
“Same as you, but I cannot for personal reasons.” The blue eyed boy sat motionless, staring ahead of him as if he were a statue. The Kripd softly tapped his shoulder and saw him flinch.
“Well, he’s not officially a robot.” He said matter-of-factly, the Jide smiled softly and watched as the thin boy looked softly toward the both of them without turning his head then resuming his position as a robot.

When the doors opened, the Jide blinked the snow out of his eyes and carried the thin boy into the facility. He smiled proudly at the Mirst (lieutenant) standing at the door, keeping it open.
“Mirst Reicht.”
“Jutedas,” the Mirst had a deep voice that matched his darker, more solemn personality. He was muscular and shorter than the Jide but was the same age. He was an impressive soldier, a patch on his left arm said that he was a healer and many questioned that. As gentle as this Mirst, Mirst Reicht Trekunse (Reicht is his family name) seemed to be, he had a temper as ephemeral as the Summer wind. And a gentleness as the spring flowers.
“Mirst,” the Mirst turned quickly to the Jide as he shut the door. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes, as everybody else. The Jide knew that the Mirst was staring at his eyes, knowing exactly what had happened.
“Jide, I will tell your sister.” The Jide smiled, knowing that the Mirst would find the words he believed he couldn’t say.

As the Mirst ran off, the Jide placed the boy on another examination table. The Kripd was taken in by the hyrim’s (the maesters) for questioning, namely why the Jide was doing all of the work. A knock on the door signaled the testing could begin. He opened it swiftly to a bald hyrim with a smile on his face.
“Enin Tra,” the Jide saluted quickly.
“Sit. Watch.” The hyrim eased the boy on the examination table and the only thing that the Jide could think was how the hyrim believed that he would replace him as the next hyrim. It was not his call, the Jide knew that and decided to go against the hyrim’s wishes and become a Connest, much to the distaste of the other hyrim’s. Truthfully, the Jide knew his path would be easier as a hyrim, but it wasn’t their decision, it was his.
“He can speak, he just refuses.” The hyrim pinched the blue eyed boys forearm and got a yelp.
“He seems fine, have you talked with your twin yet?”
“Mirst Reicht is retrieving her for me.”
“Trekunse, that boy will make a good hyrim, he’s the best healer I’ve seen in years, except for his temper. Has he asked her yet?”
“Kylin has told me nothing yet; I hope he does soon. I’d like for her to see a another man in her life.”
“I agree.” He said it so bitingly that the Jide knew immediately that her lust for her twin was more apparent to everybody but himself. The hyrim turned toward him and smiled softly.
“It’s a big burden you and this child have, one that will change the course of our history forever. I invite you to these.” The hyrim held out the white uniform of the Connest. The Jide smiled, thanked him and began to change clothes.

When his younger twin came in followed by the Mirst, he stood up in his white uniform to be promptly slapped by the blonde beauty. She was very different than her fraternal twin, long blonde hair and a beautiful face and nice body. Many junkies and Connest longed for her, but she only had eyes for one person – her brother. It broke his heart that somebody like Trekunse could love somebody so deeply but she would be completely selfish and oblivious. The Jide would not live forever, he would not save her forever.
“I’m so glad you’re okay!” She hugged him so tightly he was unable to correctly respond.
“Please, let go.” He mumbled and she did. She looked warily at the thin boy on the table.
“The abomination that started this all?”
“Not an abomination, a child. He has no idea what is going on.” The hyrim said calmly.
“Kylin, control your emotions.”
She turned her head sharply to the side.
“My only family is going to be written in history. Could you tell me what his mission is and what pendulum he is, pray he’s not the ash or the ice.”
“The dust,” the Jide answered.
“Your mission?”
“I cannot say,” she made a face and a noise.
“Ugh, you know how much I detest this situation.” She stormed out of the room. The Jide and the Mirst looked at each other until the Jide wiped some tears from his left eye.
“I didn’t do it, she’s too foul of a mood.” The Mirst said.
“I don’t blame you, do you think she’ll lay off me?” The Jide responded.
“I don’t believe so. I really don’t.” The Mirst looked dejected.
“Why does she harbor such feelings for you?”

The Jide clenched his fists and felt the scar underneath his eye. His eyes glazed over momentarily.
“For the longest time, I was her “savior”, everytime she was drowning or hurt, I was always there. I wanted to be a good brother, but I guess it backfired.”
“You do look better with green eyes.” The Mirst remarked.
“Thanks, I was uglier before…”
“No, you have a soul now.” The Mirst paced the room eyeing the thin boy on the table.
“We traipse about this earth like controlled beings, our eyes cannot be read and our souls are hidden from plain view. With your eyes you become a true human. You are given a choice, you break out of the system unintentionally. I’m still stuck within the system, make it work in your favor. Jutedas.”
The Mirst left quickly, leaving the hyrim, the Jide, and the boy in the room. It was silent for a long while before the hyrim spoke.
“He’s right. Follow your heart, create your own reality.” The hyrim left too, leaving the Jide and the boy in the room.

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