a cafe





While sitting at a cafe with a friend we noticed all the cute things surrounding us and found a new appreciation for life (also she is a blogger – knowingtakesawhile)

while we were there we admired the snowflakes falling on the ground and smothering the world in beautiful white.

”Animation, the reason why I like snow is because its the carte blanche. It falls so freely and gracefully piling up, creating you. Then somebody comes in and changes you. Sometimes youre changed so much you change colors and forget but in the end youll end up white or just disappearing completely.”

3 thoughts on “a cafe

  1. I like snow because it covers everything in glittery powder. Graciously hiding all the flaws of the barren landscape like a thick knit sweater. It’s like 50 in Wisconsin in dec?? No snow yet!

    • memoricprism says:

      Is that normal? I always imagined the northeast covered in a beautiful sheet of snow by November.

      • No and its been the NEW normal. I noticed the season start to change when I was like 23. No snow for thanksgiving. It usually was the NORM now we don’t get snow until Jan to FEB and tornado’s in March. NOT KIDDING. I don’t know how people can live here and not think global warming. I don’t get them at all. Thanks for asking and replying to my reply!

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