Everybody Bleeds the Same

A few years ago, I walked into a store and found a CD I fell in love with – Ferras



One of the songs, highlighted above really touched me. The words just emanated and suddenly it became a theory I lived by, “everybody bleeds the same” we all have the same hurts, we have the same fears, we have the same genetic make up.


I kind of accidentally forgot this artist, the CD was lost in an intercontinental move and my iPod never contained it. When my iPod broke and in total angst against Apple (I had lost all of my songs). I went through the hard drives of all of my computers and found the saved files of this artist.


This was the first song I heard, and then I remembered the significance of this artist. I also remembered where I got the phrase: “Everybody bleeds red blood” The Connest words of faith (from my story; the Connest are an elite militia). White on red became a significant factor in my novel and listening to the words: “We’re the same mistake, packaged differently.”

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