Sorry for the lack of deep, insightful, meaningful, and long status updates.


I’ve literally been running around homehome studying for finals and preparing for so many things. I’m a little stressed, exhausted – I’m only taking 12 credit hours and I’m complaining! I’m glad I didn’t go off to college and grow up.


In any case if you haven’t heard, or I haven’t told you; I’m learning how to dance. Two dead fish-feet is learning how to dance!

My father always wanted me to learn, but being stubborn and uncoordinated (oh how did I manage to play year-around sports!) it was nearly impossible. I’m at the point now I want to learn. I want to be good at it, so that I can dance unashamedly in public.


Which reminds me:



Have you heard this song before? I’m in love with it on so many levels, maybe because inside I’m still a little girl.


I’ll get back to a regular (sleeping!) blogging pattern next week, I hope, pray.


love and luck~



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