nothing interesting today. A continuation written with minimal edits and streamlining, I’m just trying to get the words out and see how and where this goes.

Mirst Reicht Trekunse performed the healing rite in front of the crowd and for a moment everybody forgot the world and commented on his gentleness. They watched him as he slowly lifted the child from the floor and carried him to a warm bed. The blood stains had disappeared and the color was returning to the child.

“Mirst Reicht, how could we ever repay you?”
“See to it the child does not find himself in a similar predicament.” Trekunse shook some melted snow off of his uniform. His fingers were frozen from the dive into the water. The only thing that kept him going was the thought that if no one else can, then he would have failed in using his gift.
“But Mirst,”
“I’m no pendulum, no need for repayment.” Before they could say any words, the Mirst was relieved by a signal from the headquarters. He darted out of the metal house and surveyed his surroundings.

Sometimes, life in the metallic city was monotonous, it was forever cold and white. With rusted metal surrounding them, the city had five layers that stacked up and shielded the city in a cocoon during a particularly bad blizzard with, the metal creaked when it moved the layers and even then sometimes Trekunse believe he purposefully ignored it. There was no storm – getting to the headquarters was not easy when the cocoon wasn’t in place.

Trekunse ran to the elevator shaft and showed the signal. Immediately the line shifted and he found himself lying face up at the falling snow only to be pushed into a tunnel that spat him out at the headquarters. When he came to his senses he sprinted.

The hyrim waited, silent as ever. Trekunse took care to bow slightly before addressing.
“Rise Mirst,”
Trekunse stood straight.
“What is the reason of your visit.”
“You want to make me a hyrim.”
The hyrim stood up, revealing a long ornate gown laced with her element of water. Like all hyrim’s she had a bald head, but her nails were decorated with her mysteries. Trekunse was too far away to read them.
“Hyrim Gri’lip came to us with the idea, originally he wanted Enin,but seeing that Enin is now marked we had to go with the next best thing. I had some objections to it.”
The hyrim pushed Trekunse to the wall and pinned his wrists. She stared at them for a long while before he felt the warm sensation on his fingers, he cringed at the memory and she stood up.

“You are so calm and stoic now, but you have a temper that comes and goes as the summer winds. It’s not your time to be a hyrim, I needed to see that. Instead you will be the pendulum guide – they will always need a healer present. Especially when you have one that prefers to do his own thing.”
“The Kripd?”
“No, the silent one.”
As soon as she said that the Kripd was wheeled in on a bed while the pendulum was in chains with no expression on his face. Enin was the one restraining him.
“The Kripd tapped him on the shoulder and I suppose he panicked. Next thing you knew the Kripd is on the ground and the boy is standing above him, staring. He offered no contest. He was docile afterwards. But…” Enin eyed Trekunse warily.
“He is dangerous when provoked.”

Trekunse exchanged glances with everyone in the room a few times before he commented, his skin blanching, sweat beading on his skin and his eyes wide with fear and frustration.
“I’ll take him into the training rink.”
He darted out of the room as soon as possible and cried in the comfort of his own bed.

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