Originally I was going to take a hiatus when it was physically impossible for me to blog. But I think with my lackedaisal posts and irregularly I’m debating on starting the hiatus now.

Which also means that I might not continue this blog. And if I do continue I will begin again sometime in May.

I have many reasons for doing so mostly because of my privacy. I read other blogs and admire simply how much they can put out to the world. After a few instances of getting in trouble online I can’t seem to bring myself to be public again.

Perhaps that will all change when I complete _______ and I’ll continue to blog and be more public about my life. But for now I’m content with this blog and the growth it’s given me.

I mean I started out as an angry teenager upset about a lot of things and unmotivated to do anything. I had severe artists block and was lonely.

I’m not angry anymore, I’m anxious, I’m motivated now, by many people. My artists block isn’t entirely gone but I find lapses of inspiration here and there. And lastly, I’m not lonely anymore and I can look people in the eye while talking to them, and being touched isn’t an issue anymore.

And I fell in love, with cooking.

I do hope I find a reason to blog again. I really do, but for now I need to relax from: I haven’t blogged today. I have nothing to blog about. I know I’ll blog that!

thanks for following me and supporting me when I needed it the most. (I might post from time to time, but since I won’t be obligated the posts will be longer and more meaningful).

– mem (real name still secret) 😉

One thought on “Hiatus

  1. jdudez14 says:

    Will look forward to your posts 😉

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