(I know I said I’m on a hiatus, but this is too crazy not to be shared).

I’ve recently had the pleasure of going on a ski trip at 4 am with a group I was unfamiliar with. My parents were originally supposed to come with, but my father had to ____ ______ and my mother promptly stated: “Ski trip, we’re not going on a ski trip YOU’RE going on a ski trip.” Which melted my heart into little bits and pieces and suddenly I realized I had no money. (My mom actually had a reason for not going, more on that never).


Oh and I had only slept for three hours. (Not my fault actually, I went to bed at ten but something happened and I couldn’t sleep until 1 am).


So I’m on a bus at 5 am, groggy, confused and penniless, I barely had enough for the fare, which means that with two nutella sandwiches and one bottle of water I would be satiated on the slopes for the whole day. I sat on my seat, turned up my music and dozed off.


Two hours later with little sleep (the roads were bumpy) we arrived at our destination, only to find out that I needed a drivers license, or some kind of identification card other than my ____ to give so that I do turn in all my items. That’s when I become bolder than normal and latch onto an unsuspecting family, tell them that I have no money; no, not even enough for lunch, and am a lost puppy needing love and support because I was completely unprepared to be alone for this trip.


Grumbles and finally they accept me, runny-nosed and all. I do a little dance (“my inner goddess does an arabesque” pretty much every single page from “Fifty Shades of Grey”) in my head and hit the slopes.


Because of a promise I made to my mother and the fact that I cannot break any bones until May, I tag along with the family and take skis; generally I would snowboard, but my promise holds true and I tag along only to find out it’s snowing and sleeting and it’s doggone cold outside. I’ve never skied/ snowboarded in snow, so this is a real treat (I’ve done artificial snow) So I get on the ski lift with my new found friends and go down the easy and intermediate slopes a few times.


I latch onto lunch, which is a burger king whopper with french fries, and much to my dismay I needed to eat. Lunch is gone within five minutes and suddenly so is one of my nutella sandwiches. I’m still starving and I’m shaking. I need more warmth and sustenance. My “family” sees that and realizes that I should stay behind, alongside their daughter. So we go to the tea shop and talk to the sound of boiling hot water and a few tea bags and I feel a lot better about my situation. I also can look out the window and watch the (very cute men) clearing the sidewalks, which in about ten minutes will be covered in snow. Which shows just about how much it’s snowing. A few hours pass and suddenly I’m returning my skis and whatnots to the counter with my pseudo family for the day and head back to the bus.

(During this time, I would like to mention that I managed to fall asleep standing up against the lockers, sitting down on a bench, and on a waist-high table. I’m classy like that, but I’m also extremely exhausted and hungry).


So we get on the bus and my music is turned on and unsurprisingly, I pass out for the next hour. When I wake up, the bus engine has stopped and the guide is shaking me awake: “We’re stuck, grab your belongings, head to the next bus.” I walk out and follow the string of people walking down the hill to the next bus and that’s when I see it.


The bus has so much snow underneath the tires that it cannot move. We’re on a hill as well. I quickly check google maps and we are only about a kilometer away from the ski resort. And about eight kilometers from the highway.

I get on the other bus and we wait, the engine revs up and next thing you know the front head of the bus starts sliding down the hill, so now our bus is perpendicular to the side of the road. At this point, all traffic is halted and the tour guide starts calling around. There are now screaming babies on the bus and I (with about four hours of sleep now) am cranky as ever and find that I cannot sleep. So I drown the noise out with my music.


“Everyone, there’s a restaurant about ten minutes down the road from here, we need you all to go there while we figure out how to move the bus.” The tour guide says. Quickly, I grab my thing and run out trying not to fall on the slush and the ice outside while heading for the restaurant.


The restaurant is large and spacious and being a hungry teenager I ask the owner if we could eat. The owner is the only worker of the restaurant and cannot possibly cook for about fifty people. She tells us that there’s a supermarket down the street and she can boil some water for cup of noodles. It’s almost five now, and I literally crash on the floor of the restaurant and sleep peacefully for about three minutes.

At about six thirty all the water is boiled and all of the cup of noodles are distributed, I’m still not satiated. I drink all my water and eat my nutella sandwich to find out I’m still hungry and this will be a very rough night. the tour guide starts talking about the possibility of staying the night. I call my mom who already knows the situation and she’s worried sick. I’m wet, it’s cold, I’m in a strange restaurant with no family or close friends around.

I find comfort in facebook and instant messaging for the next few hours, as I still cannot sleep.

At about nine the tour guide says one of the buses has been freed. The other one will not be able to make it back tonight. So we all get ready to leave again, I thank the owner who smiles and says she likes the noise because she misses her grandchildren. And we head out for the one mile hike in the dim light, with screaming children, cars streaming past us, icy roads, and




The most beautiful sight on the planet. I didn’t dare take a picture of it because it would mar it’s beauty. It reaffirmed me of my faith in the Lord in a stressful situation. It was a landscape of field, trees, and snow, untouched by humans and animals alike and all lit up in the translucent darkness. A few others join me in staring at the scene before the bus honks once and I’m on the bus again.


Because of the snow, I still can’t  sleep because of the rocky roads. But I feel enlightened, I feel so invigorated despite that. When I do get home at past midnight, I fill myself a warm bath, a cup of tea and a whole bunch of food. My mom asks me how my day went and before I went into my string of complaints I remembered the scene.

“Mom, I think I saw the most beautiful thing as we were stranded in the middle of nowhere.”

“Ironically Mem, that’s where the most miracles occur, that’s when you know that he’s there with you.”

I ate three bowls of food that night, my mom impressed, took my temperature, noticed I had a cold coming and gave me some medicine. As soon as I lay back down on my bed I finally fell asleep.

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