The friendzone

I’ll admit, I’ve Friendzoned a lot of my male friends because I look for certain- no, many qualities in a man. Often times I throw so many in there I seem as if I’m high maintenance.

Let love run its course.

Friends always tell me, unfortunately I find myself disagreeing. Yes, love should run its beautiful, wonderful course; but at the same time I’m much too young for a commitment and often times it leads males astray and thus find themselves in the friendzone.

Not because I can’t commit, not because I don’t love them. I do.

I found myself in the friendzone today and it was an eye-opener. A beautiful one to say the least. As much as it hurt to admit that he loves somebody in a different way than he loves me was humbling.

If you love them you would let them go.

I turned my back and walked the other direction for a while. Mind reeling, my face glowing with happiness. I thought I would cry, I thought I would tell him ny feelings. Instead I was happier seeing them together and the blissful smiles and laughter on their faces. That and later he stood next to me and talked to me about it.

Mem, you’re like my little sister.

And I guess in this world, and for right now. That’s his way of showing love in my direction.

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