Thankful thursday

I spent a lot of time the past year wandering. In my head, on the streets. Looking, searching. I went days so angry and confused, trying to swim through the stormy waters.

I am thankful to be in my situation now; where all I have to do is be alive and be myself. Because if I don’t I know there would be so much more stress upon everybody. Its too hard, being so stressed all the time so I’m thankful for god in giving me the inner voice I needed to make people laugh and smile.

I’m also thankful that next week I may consider being more open with blogging. You know me only as Memoric, or Mem, the then eighteen, now nineteen year old wanderer. The one who lived in home but wanted to go home home but would vaguely describe the details of her life in broken terms so not to be found by anyone but herself.

I’m lastly thankful for you who read this. You who’ve known me through my darker times. I hope to one day be an inspirational¬† person.

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