A little fairy tale

Once upon a time…

There was a dark-eyed dreamer who drew her dreams on her notebook papers in class. Everything about her was dark – dark skin, dark hair and she hated it. She hated it solely because her heart was filled with light that would not shine through the darkness.

Now there was…

A bright-eyed boy who wrote letters in class. He believed in love, world peace, but most importantly happiness. He hated the darkness; he always believed that life would let light shine through.

She did find…

One of his letters on the ground. She are up his words, pulled the hair out of her face and smiled. Maybe with the letters guidance her darkness would go away -forever. Oh how she dreamed that she would change.

He did watch…

Her from afar and thought that she – even with her darkness – was the most beautiful girl in the world when she smiled. But he vowed to never let her know he existed until she found him herself. He left letters everyday, watching her darkness fade away and the light in her heart shine through.

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