Last post tonight. Sorry. I just got Internet.

While on my vacation with my cousin, although its been years since I’ve seen him or any of my extended family, the first words were: “you’ve changed.”

It doesn’t hurt to hear those words, not anymore. He looks me over and I think I know what he’s thinking:

still small, still thin, still young-looking. Yet there’s something different. A hair cut, or in her case, growing hair can’t change someone too much?


“Yes, ___?”

“I can’t point out the change.”

“I can!”

And immediately I touch my hair, my nose, my skin, my clothes, my legs, my feet, my hands, my biceps, my backpack, my wallet, and most importantly of all:

“___ I don’t look down when I walk anymore.” I smile and it’s genuine.

“That’s another change as well Mem. You’re full of changes.”

“What’s life if you don’t change a little bit everyday?”

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