One year

I didn’t even recognize that I’ve been online for one year.

One whole year.

It’s been crazy.

I wish I could fully explain how crazy it was, because actually I never realized that today is the anniversary of something that completely affected me as a child. That today was also the birth of a now one-year-old cousin of mine (well, cousin’s child). 

Life goes in circles I guess.

I moved from one continent to another; graduated high school and took some minor classes in college. Did something crazy that I’ve always wanted to do and am super excited to do.


most importantly, I’ve managed to keep myself as hidden as possible (although I’ve dropped hints as to who I am, where I am, and what I do).

Hmm, perhaps I should be more personal:

– My friends call me Pikachu

That’s about as personal as it gets right?


Well considering the lapses I’ve had in posts. I don’t think that quite covers it. I think in all honesty my words, my blanks, and my secrecy tells more about me than any picture or name ever would. I just hope you continue to watch me grow [in secrecy].

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