It’s been a very long while since I’ve updated. ___ has been stressful and my time is eaten up mostly trying to calm down from the stress.


I did another talent show, but was uninterested in the attention-  I was once again asked to perform. I did not want to;  there was a lot of talent that needed no buffer from me.

After my performance I sat down to call __ where a five year old boy came rushing to me asking me if I were the girl on stage. “No, that was my twin.”
“Tell your twin she sings well!”
“Will do!”
“I want to be on stage too?”
“What will you sing?

It doesn’t take long for the boy to start singing and the rest of his buddies to crowd about me. His eyes are closed and his friends are tugging at my hands asking me questions I can answer but prefer not to.
“I’m three.” Says one, holding up seven fingers. The original boy asks for a performance review and I clap. Which instantly turns into a game of tag.

During the show, however people were asked to flashmob. I generally stay away from such beasts, but a little five year old hand asks me to “take [him] to the stage.” I agree. We dance together.

Even though I’m so much older than said child, I felt so loved at that very moment.

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