I’m once again at an airport, all of my belongings packed into various bags I had to charge because I have nowhere to go, nowhere to send them. My stomach jitters, this is a different feeling from what I am used to.

Its the feeling of freedom and adulthood.

At current, the weather is passable. Rarely breaking a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the skies are cloudy, the winds pick up some cold air and blow it upon my face. It stings slightly, but it will be nothing compared to the cold of the north.

The first snows have fallen upon my new destination. The weather has already translated from fall to winter a few weeks early, the smells are a mix of cold and warmth at current.

It doesn’t make me any less anxious, it doesn’t make me any less scared. I twiddle my fingers to pass the time as I recall where I came from, who I am.

Todays goodbye was difficult, hard even, but I turned completely around and left the area as strongly as I could. Its such a change from the meek, shy and quiet girl I was when I began this journey, relegating most of my filtered thoughts onto this space on the internet as anonymously as I could.

Tomorrows beginning will be interesting, will be good. If not I will make it good.

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