I ran my first five kilometers today in my new home. Many people were surprised I was there, given that I just got here and I’ve never ran a five kilometer course before.

The course is difficult: many hills, dips, and turns. The weather is less than forty degrees and coming from a southern state to ___ I find myself in my short sleeves and short shorts shivering.

I don’t have any other clothes.

I’m shaking as we begin. My stomachs is churning people stare at me wondering about the small woman in the corner and where she came from. The community is so small and I want to get this run over with.

The gun goes off. I follow a man pushing two toddlers in a stroller and a man running with his dog. Quickly the man with the stroller takes off and I don’t see him until the end. The man with the dog however, unknowingly becomes my pacer for the first 2.5 kilometers.

I pass him on a down sprint and get frustrated when I see the second marker of three. I continue to push to simply jog to the finish line.

27:21 minutes. People stare. My skin is red, blotchy, the sun is now out and it’s slightly warmer. I smile, I think I could have ran it faster, or ran longer and I wait.

“Why’d you run today, when you’ve never ran before?”
“I wanted to see my new home, in its entirety, before the snow falls.”

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