Every day at about noon I sit in the same area in the hospital in the same seat. I see a handsome man look at me often. One time he even sat next to me. I know nothing more of him other than his face.

Today I sat in the same seat and I look up to see a friend walking toward me.
“Hey Mem,”
“Hi!” I stand up. He’s much taller than me and I’ve only known him over the weekend through mutual friends. His smile is so big. He’s not as handsome as the shy man in the distance, but he makes me happy.

“I came because I needed something. I forgot you work here.” My insides churn and underneath my bruised cheeks and makeup I feel myself flush.

“Its nice to see you again.” I smile and he smiles back my stomach is a mess. I think I might be falling for this guy.

I look over and the shy handsome man has watched this exchange and I wonder what he’s thinking.

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