An arcade

I find myself hiking to get to a convenience store and when I’m at the top a friend greets me. His other friend hiding shyly behind him.

“Why didn’t you ask for a ride?”
“I figured you were busy – like everybody else.”
“People will make time for you. Honest. All we can say is yes or no.”

I go do my business in the convenience store while his friend shyly watches me disappear into the aisles looking anxiously for what I need.

While in the car and hearing that I’m the only person in my apartment complex this weekend the friend who was shyly hiding behind my own friend suggests we go to an arcade. We all agree. I take another friend and we head out.

Because of time constraints and busy schedules I can only be in the arcade a few hours. I enjoy a horrible defeat in dance dance revolution and various other games while still keeping a smile on my face.

As my friend and I leave my friend and the shy boy hug me. The tightest hug I’ve ever had. He plays with my hair with his nose and motions for me to kiss his cheek. I do. The smile on his face swells and it seems to affect my own heartbeat.

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