The river

I have an inclination towards rivers, I think it has a lot to do with my whole name being water based.

And the fact that I get a message telling me to meet somebody on the riverfront. I don’t immediately respond – I’ve yet to learn how to drive.

Hours later somebody volunteers to take me.

“I’m just going to drop you off at the river front.”

We drive for about forty minutes before we realize that were lost. The number calls me again and laughs, saying that he’s cold and he thought I’d be there by now. Hopeless with directions, he identifies us as lost and playfully guides us to his location.

We get there, the car leaves me and I’m sitting on the edge of a fence with the river below my feet, the mountain behind me and the sky filled with stars above me.

Its beautiful.

“I wanted to sit here and talk with you some, but we don’t have time. Looks like I’ll have to take you home.” He smiles at me and holds out his hand.

“Its cold, can you warm it up?”

I hold it with both my hands, trying to warm it up. He laughs and looks at me.

“You’re funny, you know that right? Just hold it.”

I relax uncontrollably and he laughs some more. He drives me home and parks in front of my home.

“People are going to talk you know.”
“Yeah, that I’m going out with you.”
“They already are.”
He wraps me up in a big hug that lasts for what seems to be forever. And I finally realize how much he cares for me and I for him.

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