It’s been a really long while since I’ve written something here. My life took a turn for the better – the amazing. And yet as always there’s people who like to bring it down.

1) a relationship is a two way street: after careful introspection I find myself trapped in the midst of relationships mostly one-sided and I give up. Its not healthy anymore and I know I deserve better. I love it here but the friends that I’ve collected here aren’t really friends.

2) goodbye past and exes: I can’t even begin to explain the significance of this considering how many relationships I’ve been in the past year (some not even mentioned in this blog!) I’ve made tremendous progress with my self-worth and am making bold moves to prepare myself to be stronger for the future.

3) just because a guy wants me they can have me: my biggest mistake. I often fund myself enamoured completely by three letter words and showered with compliments and spells. I’m going to stop rebounding, take my time and reconsider those who are too quick.

But you know what, I’ve changed a lot and most of the __ is unnecessary. I have a bright future ahead of me and things, are going smoother than I ever planned.

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