Freedom day

We met by chance. My sister was taking a train down to a music festival and he was with some friends wondering about his new environment. She offered that if they got back late he stay at our house and we’d be okay with it.

They came, they taught me how to run, do push ups, sit ups and how to love a country and serve it despite the animosity. They played with our dogs and we took them around the city in the pouring rain.

They taught me how to believe in myself, that anything was possible. We kept in contact.

I’m not feeling well today. It hurts to talk and I want to be outside but I cannot. He’s in another country where it never rains, the sun always shines and he carries his entire life in a backpack, never knowing when. He relies in emails and letters to get him through the next few months.

I’m free because of him. I serve because of people like him. I love people like him.

People that can unconditionally love strangers so much that they’d be willing to give up everything for them. And I need to follow his example.

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