I just read a story about how a girl who was accepted to a very prestigious college is asking for help to stay in.

She’s a good student, she’s working hard, but the money isn’t flowing. She’s asking for an online donation.

The cost of her tuition is more than most soldiers make a year. And that’s only one semester. I disagree on helping because college is just a name, just a place. Education can be free if you want it, if you work for it.

I’m going to a college expense-free because I worked for it. I wanted it. I’m going to one of the top ten colleges in the united states because of this.

People are arguing that I’m being too harsh – perhaps I am. But at the same time I couldn’t go to college in the first place because the money wasn’t flowing and I made the sacrifice to move and pay my way. Not solicit by begging.

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