Stumbling block

Yesterday was painful. I found myself in the middle of a conference with my teacher. Telling me I was failing a class.

I’ve never failed a class before.

“Its not a lack of effort; I see you working so hard everyday and the fact you’re feeling this way is genuine. Nobody can take the time that you took into this and give it back to you. I’m moving you to another class that might better suit your needs.”

So the waterworks started and the questions poured out from my lips. Will I? Will it? Am I?

What I got out of it was unexpected, unequivocal respect.

“You’re capable, you just need to tell yourself that. You need to trust you can do it.”

Again, the water flowed.

“Tell you what, you told me yourself if you have a good foundation everything comes easy. This class will put you there.”

It doesn’t stop me from feeling the way I do. It doesn’t stop me from anything.

But it’s a deterrent. A big one. But I’m going to fly, and I’m going to get there even if it takes a few torturous spins. I’ll come out upright.

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