Knowing and not knowing

Most of my relationships are very shallow. Not by means of my own. But when you move around so often you remember people and things as they were. They stay and grow up. You move and grow up.

I’m in a place where I’ve changed jobs and occupations. I’m still in the area but I’m not. Its heartbreaking knowing that my friends are right there and that I’m just a figure in the distance now.

Promises were made and broken. And with that the trust has as well. I knew this would happen; I just always forget that it’s inevitable.

Sometimes, I wish I could make myself void of emotions. Sometimes, I wish so many things but in the end I will sit by myself, watching the world move while I stay stagnant.

Somebody once told me: “there will be somebody who has the same sheet of music as you, who hears one note and the melody sings in their soul.” I’m beginning to become very doubtful of that. I’m beginning to doubt everything now.

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