In a similar exercise to my friend’s “list of names,” somebody went up to every one of my teachers and asked them what they thought of me.

“Oh, that Mem, she’s a hard worker. She’s professional, a bit too energetic but she seems to be stressed.”

Times that by four.

That person just had a sit down with me, I never talked to him before, I never knew him. He wanted to know about me before I stepped into his office.

“That’s what they say about you Mem, and you know what that all translates to: they respect you. Go ahead and learn how to respect yourself.”

I’m staring at the mirror wondering how, or why. Little things are never easy and I always hope and pray I can come up with the right answer to the right problem, that x=y.

But maybe today is the day that everything will change? Maybe today is the first day of many of which I can hold my head up high and realize that I too matter.

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