I was asked to do an impromptu speech in front of a class full of peers. I know most of them like me, I know most of them want me to succeed.

And yet, I choked. I gripped the podium, my knuckles blanched and all I did was stare at my fingers. My small stubbly fingers calloused and with breaking fingernail polish.

Words, come so easily when I have a comment, but when I have to assert myself, my opinion, and other things, my voice falls through.

“I’ve made a lot of changes, but I still have a ways to go. It’s incredible how far I’ve gotten but I’m still falling.”

“You won’t be perfect.” my roommate says smiling. She, and everyone else knows how much I’ve changed in the past few months. I know it as well.

“I know, but it would be nice, you know?” I say quietly.

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