letter to myself

Dear (younger) Mem,

Your heart is as deep as the sea from which you are named. You have a few scars from people and you need to know that they were wrong for marking you, they were wrong for thinking that your kindness was disposable. You don’t give yourself enough credit, since you, yourself, can bring in so much light into this weary world.

You may not notice this, but you walk into the room and people glow. You don’t realize how people look and rely on you everyday to make them better, to remind them that things will be okay.

You may have made some horrible decisions in the past, you also may have decided to fight when you did not need to and overextend your reach to others. Your arms and legs aren’t broken. You can still dance, run, and cheer all you want.

You have a gift, an aura, the energy smothers the room.

You’re perfect, and what kills me is that you don’t realize how perfect you are. Instead, you dwell on imperfections. Your imperfections make you unique, so keep smiling, keep moving. You are as tumultuous as the sea but the sea has quiet days of serenity too.

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