Elastic Heart

I’ve waited a few days and had the music video on repeat. I’ve been attempting to dissect it, understand it, learn from it.

But a true masterpiece could never be understood; a true masterpiece is questioned and awed.

This music video did it for me. The raw emotions conveyed by both Maddie and Shia were incredible. I imagined it as a quarrel of sorts.

“Dad, you really can’t keep doing this.” And the father, not knowing how to control his impulses, or show affection scoffs, telling the girl that it’s the only way to live life. He then attempts to escape his reality but realizes he has destroyed his daughter. Attempting to make amends, the two argue again until she leaves his reality, something he desperately wishes to do. He chases and screams for her, until he resigns and she walks back in, asking to be carried as a child. They both remember the days when they both were young and naive until she finally looks into his eyes and sees a fragment of what once was. She takes him to the edge of reality and despite knowing he can leave, it’s easier to leave than he imagined, he cannot.

She refuses to leave him because she knows that there is hope still left.


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